Now that you’ve just got your amazing, brand new dental implants Why no dairy after dental implant? that give you a glaringly shiny smile like that of a Hollywood movie star, you may want to let your hair down and start having what you’ve been craving for long before the surgery.

Why no dairy after dental implant?

The dentist will definitely give you dietary recommendations following your implant surgery. These foods are meant to not interfere with and even speed up your healing process. Milk may seem to be the ideal deal for your new implants because they come with plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Well, after this article, you may start to think otherwise. Read on and find out about the interesting facts about post-implant diet with Sydney Dental!

Dental implant

1. Is dairy a blessing or curse for your new implants?

Although it may feel strange for you to consult the dental care provider about whether you should drink milk following the treatment as milk is known to be protein- and vitamin-rich as well as healing-promoting. Despite its nutritional benefits, bad news for all milk fans is that milk is advised against for those who have just received a dental implant procedure until the gums and jawbone is finished healing. 

2. But why is that? 

It is because dairy items can cause inflammation in the oral tissues, which may affect the recovery of your surgical site. Dairy also leads to other problems like nausea and vomiting. These side effects are not only unpleasant to have but heavy vomiting may loosen up and even break up your newly bound dental implants. Excess vomiting may also cause surplus acidity in the mouth, which can disrupt your healing process. 

Therefore, you would need to refrain from dairy products, including milk, yogurt, and cheese to have a smooth, trouble-free healing time until the dental professional allows it back to your routine diet so just try to be patient a little right here.

3. How about ice cream? 

Almost everyone loves ice cream, we know. So now you may be wondering whether you can enjoy a taste of ice cream after your dental implants because it is also regarded as dairy.

Good news is you can have ice cream after the implant surgery. The only thing you need to be careful about is the temperature – having it frozen may affect your new implants. 

Why no dairy after dental implant?
Why no dairy after dental implant?

4. How long before you can enjoy dairy again? 

Dental implants, just as other types of implants on any other parts of the body, will need some time to get fused into the body. This process is also known as osseointegration. For tooth implants, osseointegration is expected to take up to 3 months, provided that you take good care of your implants and strictly follow your dentist’s advice. 

5. What can you have following dental implants?

The gums and teeth are more vulnerable and hence susceptible to damage shortly after the implant procedure. The dentist will likely ask that you stick to liquids and soft foods for the first week post-surgery.

The dentist may provide you with a diet plan for your healing process. If that is not the case, you can totally craft one for yourself. You should totally include foods and beverages rich in vitamins to promote your recovery. These include the following:

  • Cold soups;
  • Non-dairy shakes;
  • Corn flakes;
  • Mashed potatoes;
  • Meat puree;
  • Bananas;
  • Omelets;
  • Scrambled eggs;
  • Muffins;
  • Coffee;
  • Soft fruits;
  • Apple sauce;
  • Jell O.

6. Which foods should you avoid after dental implants?

Now that you are aware of what to have after dental implants, let’s get to what you should steer away from to prevent disruption during your healing process.

6.1 Chewables

The first week following the procedure is the most sensitive time and you should be really careful with your surgical site. Therefore, avoiding foods that require you to chew is the best way to allow your gums to heal. Let the implants fuse with your body before you put any force on them.

Your go-to choices at this time are soft and liquid foods such as smoothies and soups for a week or two. Try to put away the crunchies for the meantime.

6.2 Hot foods

You should stay away from hot foods following the dental implant procedure as heat makes the fixtures more fragile and slows down the clotting process that is the gateway to healing. Such foods also lead to soreness, pain, and irritations to the surgical site. It is better for you to go with warm foods that have cooled down after some time of heating.

6.3 Using straws

Liquids should be good for your recovery. However, try to not use straws to drink liquids as any slight force to the gums will result in bruising to the fresh surgical wound. Just have your liquids the old way from the cup or using a spoon, which is even better.

6.4 Spicy foods

Unfortunately, you have to kiss your spicy foods goodbye for a while after the dental implant. Similar to hot foods, these items can irritate or worsen the soreness in the affected area. A worse-case scenario is the heavy seasoning may cause an infection that will take a toll on your recovery.

6.5 Tough meat

After the two-week mark, it should be okay for you to enjoy most foods. However, you should continue to avoid ribs, steak, and other tough meat for the entire healing time. This is because the tough meat requires aggressive chewing, and thereby damaging your new dental implants.

Why no dairy after dental implant?
Why no dairy after dental implant?

7. How long do you wait before eating post-surgery?

You can go back to eating immediately following a dental implant procedure. However, there’s a chance that you will have a reduced appetite at the time. Always keep in mind what foods to eat and what not to eat and stick with it the entire time. Your mouth may feel sore right after the implants. That means you wouldn’t want to put yourself through the pain of eating hot or spicy foods.

Go with a healthy diet and healthy hygiene for a speedy recovery

Incorporate a wholesome diet and proper hygiene into your routine for your healing journey for it to run smoothly. That way you can get back to your normal eating regimen in the shortest time possible. Try to refrain yourself from eating what you want as soon as you begin to feel it’s okay without being consulted by the dentist to do so. The pain and comfort may lessen, however, there’s still a risk that the surgical wound is not healed enough to handle the aforementioned heavy foods.

Teeth implants will not affect how you eat, you would not need to worry about them falling off, or accumulating unaccessible dirt. They function the same way as normal teeth do. So immediately after the osseointegration is concluded, you would be able to do whatever you would with a natural tooth.

New implants are functional the same way as the original teeth. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that they will affect how you eat or about them falling off. After the implants are completely fused with the body, the new implants will basically hold all the capacity of a natural tooth.

As the implants are fused into the body, hygiene maintenance is of the utmost importance as bacteria can creep in and hinder your healing or even do damage to the new implants.

Complications caused by poor hygiene and diet following a dental implant may include infection, damage to the bone, excessive bleeding, and breakage in the jaw.

8. A little note from Sydney Dental

Dental implants are a very effective restoration for your natural lost teeth. After these are attached, there are adjustments to be incorporated into your diet. Always make sure to follow the dentist’s instructions not only in terms of what to eat and drink, but how to keep your dental implants clean as well. Do not forget to resist the yummy dairy items for a while so you can have a speedy, problem-free recovery time. 

Hopefully after this one read with Sydney Dental you will have a good idea of why milk is not good for your new implants as well as which foods to eat and which to limit post-implant. If you are still unsure of anything that helps you in search of a new unforgettably stunning smile, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are at 499-501 Ba Hat St, Ward 8, District 10, HCMC looking forward to your visit. You may also call us at (028) 3504 9440 for a free no-obligation comprehensive consultation. Your pretty, shiny smile is 100% guaranteed at Sydney Dental!

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